steven_oliver_in_black_and_white.jpgMy name is Steve and I started Steven Oliver Photography, a Shrewsbury based photography company, and I have a passion to deliver high quality photography at fantastic prices. 

I'm married and a father of 2 amazing children, with a broad spectrum of interests from music and motor sport to football, golf, camping and so much more.

I'd always loved the idea of photography, the ability to capture a single moment in time and preserve it; to raise a smile, provoke a reaction or allow others to remember a special time in their life. The opportunity to take the interest further came only a few years ago and I grabbed it with both hands. 

I have taken business profile shots of local business men and women been a freelance supplier to the local press/websites attending many local events; and for pure pleasure some of the amazing scenery and landscapes on my doorstep.

If you have an event or the need for a photographer for a special occasion or profile update, and you like the images you see, please get in touch.

Thank you.